What Can I Help With?

As a counsellor who has 14 years of experience, I have helped different people with a variety of issues. The following are a small selection of the type of topics in which I can help you.
  • Anxiety and stress including panic attacks which have been long term or are more current.
  • Low mood and depression which seem to have been there for life or more recently.
  • Low self esteem and confidence including learning about boundaries and becoming assertive appropriately.  Wanting to feel more comfortable in your skin and have sense of purpose and belonging.
  • Work related issues including bullying, stress, burn out, promotion or loss of job
  • Bereavement including receiving terminal diagnosis, coming to terms with a life long medical illness, miscarriage or struggling to become pregnant,  losing a loved one,  termination of a pregnancy whether through choice or through medical advice
  • Abusive relationships – historical or current including harassment, physical, mental or financial
  • Change in life circumstances – new life stage, relocation, ending of relationship, retirement, etc
  • PTSD and trauma either recent or historical
  • Trauma due to be involved in a motor vehicle accident or medical negligence