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Fully Qualified Supervisor

Supervision services are available by telephone or as an online video call.

As a qualified Supervisor, I work with other professionals such as counsellors and support workers with their client work.  I help and encourage them to develop professionally and personally, by adhering to their agency policies and procedures, as well as a code of ethics which promotes good practice.

Although I am an Integrative Counsellor, I often work with Supervisees who work with different models and together we help establish a learning environment, of support and guidance, enabling discussions to help facilitate their clients’ needs, whilst ensuring that they themselves remain safe.

As I work with clients who are 16 and above and do not have any experience of working with children, I am afraid that I cannot offer supervision to anyone who works with clients who are under 16.

My fees are:

1 hour Supervision: £45

1 hour and a half Supervision: £55

Fees are correct as of April 2021.