Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediation

In an ideal world we would be able to resolve our issues quickly and amicably, in order to move on with our lives.  Unfortunately that it isn’t always possible, which is how mediation can help.  Mediation is when you are stuck and can’t seem to make any kind of movement towards resolution.  It’s an opportunity to discuss, explore (if necessary) and create an agreement, between yourselves, which can be deemed acceptable, by all parties involved.

My role as a mediator, quite simply, is to help you create and reach an agreement which you can learn to accept in order for this problem to eventually be put in the past, and life can move on.

My Fees Are:

  • Half day (4 hours): £400
  • Full day (8 hours): £700
  • Hourly rate after agreed timescale: £70 per hour
  • Fees are correct as of July 2019​