Thinking and feeling that one cannot cope is such a horrible feeling.  It can evoke feelings of guilt, feelings of inadequacy as we haven’t met our own or others’ expectations.  If we have lost someone close to us, how we may miss them, wondering why we are still feeling this huge sense of grief.  All of these relentless questions, could I do better, could I have done better, why can’t I cope, going round and round – torturing your mind.

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Safe Environment

In an ideal world we would all have someone to talk to within our family or support network, but sometimes we don’t feel that we can because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or face their reactions.  Counselling fills this gap and is a way to express how you really think and feel in a respectful, warm, safe, non-judgemental environment, with someone who is not emotionally attached.


There are many types of counselling but the main aim is always to work with you and not against you.  In other words, I always bear in mind that this is your counselling and will always respect your choices.