Sometimes in life we can feel broken or stuck.  Perhaps events in our past haven’t been addressed fully or even at all, and we feel heavy or like they are holding us back and we just can’t shake free of the thoughts and feelings which go with them.

At other times we may just feel stuck after what can feel like a lifetime of trying and not being able to feel success.   Maybe we secretly believe that we aren’t good enough to succeed, or perhaps we are just so terrified of getting it wrong that we’re paralysed with fear and ideas never turn into actions.

In an ideal world, we would have someone to talk to within our family or support network, but sometimes we don’t feel that we can because we don’t want to hurt their feelings or face their reactions. Counselling fills this gap and is a way to express how you really think and feel in a respectful, safe and non-judgemental way, with someone who is not emotionally involved.

I am a qualified and experienced Integrative and CBT Counsellor who works with adults from the age of 18, whose passionate to help you feel free of your past experiences which are still impacting you today, alleviating current stresses and situations which are currently causing you anxiety, low mood and sense of stuckness; as well as helping you develop ways to cope with future events in a way where you feel equipped to do so.